Introducing the winter recreation in Kitakami river♪



Hello, this is the Green Hotel Kitakami, a business hotel in front of the station

in Kitakami City. We will introduce you to enjoy the winter recreation in

Kitakami river.


“Hanamaki Sportsland” is an outdoor experience facility in Hanamaki City.

In spring and summer, you can enjoy rafting and canoeing in the Kitakami River

full of nature, and you can also experience snow plays in winter.


“It’s not a customary winter sports!” Play a new sensation of snow and

refreshing sledding. We will propose for sleddging with tremendous

speed. Of course, small children can participate OK!

Please enjoy yourself with all your family and friends!


■ Snow play model plan

Period:    From mid December until the next mid March

Hours:    9: 00-12: 00 am / 13: 00-16: 00 pm


・Parent-child Snow play experience    3000 yen/person

・Snowmobile Riding                           5,000 yen/person


*Separate premium is required 520 yen/person.

*Reservations are required in advance.